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Divide and Conquer - War Room

Last night the twelve of us held our annual ancient scholars meeting. If you’re keeping score, last night was Friday and the meeting of the minds was scheduled for primetime on the east coast. The timing of the meeting may lend credence to the accusation that the overall membership has indeed acquired that state of life-development where we might reasonably conclude that all wild seeds have long since been sown.

Although we do not maintain, nor publish, any specific demographic data, I’m fairly certain that everyone in the group is at least in their mid-40’s or beyond. Knowing the age of some of the members as a matter of conjecture tips the balance of the scale. It’s a good bet, that on the whole, the group skews somewhere near, or slightly past, the given parameter for mature.

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Last week, a close friend of mine posted a short video on his Facebook page that caught my attention. It was about the destructive nature of air bags and what they can do if you’re seated improperly in the passenger seat. It seems that his wife and daughter are all about the relaxing, feet on the dashboard position and he’s been losing the battle when it comes to inspiring them to adopt a more traditional, crash test dummy posture.

The video illustrated what happens to crash test dummies that are positioned in the feet on the dashboard arrangement when air bags deploy. It was officially horrifying… just absolutely horrifying.

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It’s two weeks after Valentine’s Day and, as so often happens, couples break up. This is the story of one such break up… ours. Lest your jaw drop into your lap, let me assure you right up front that my wife Kathy and I are still together and very happy. She’s planning birthday things for me, we’re pondering our next trip, and the home improvement project that we want to launch this spring is gaining traction by the day. We’re happy… very happy… I told her so just this morning, while she was sleeping peacefully. Our relationship is all good.

Kathy and I broke up with our TV provider yesterday. They were the first TV provider that we had in our new home, so the relationship was nearing the 3 year mark. I don’t want to mention the company, but I will say that I was very direct in my communication with their legal representative (read that as hourly employee if you will, but technically the person was legally representing the TV provider during the call).

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The new season is just around the corner and as a fan of the game, I’m excited. I grew up playing baseball and it’s always been my favorite sport to watch, both in person and on TV. You read that right; for me, baseball trumps football… every time.

Even though I’m a fan, and a big fan as my confession above would so indicate, I think watching a baseball game these days is somewhat painful. I still watch it, but I don’t enjoy it nearly as much and I’m trying to figure out why.

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I went to bed with a book last night. Granted, not nearly as much fun as a buxom forty year old, but my wife is roaming around the Bigfoot haunted woods of northwestern Washington this week on a job related assignment and won’t be back home until Sunday morning. A good book seemed like the best option.

The book, a mystery thriller, was one from my childhood that I read for the first time in third or fourth grade. I was most likely 8 or 9 at the time. The book was the second installment in a series by Robert Arthur called, The Three Investigators. I’d just finished book one, The Secret of Terror Castle, a few days earlier and was several chapters into book two, The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot.

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