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Ski Jumper

In my dreams, I ski very much like the guy to the left or the guy in the video that I’ve embedded below. In real life, I saw snow skis in a North Carolina store once while at winter camp with my church youth group. Also in real life, I just looked up the plural of ski because I’m pretty sure I’ve never typed that word before in my life for any reason. This is where you should stop reading and watch the video.

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Lego Bag2

Lots of things kinked my Chi’ this week and I’m not happy about that. I aspire to be an easy going, “Que sera, sera” kind of a spirit most of the time, but this week there was a definite wrinkle in The Force that just turned too many things sideways for my comfort. I even went off on an apparent verbal tirade in the middle of HUNTED on Thursday night. Yeah, I know… it airs on CBS on Wednesdays, but we watch everything via DVR, so it’s a Thursday night feature for us. Anyway, something I said led to something else I said, which generated a follow up comment from one of the other voices in my head that got added to the conversation.

Soon, my wife is laughing hysterically about I know not what (I never know if it’s with me or at me… that part is confusing). I look at her in disbelief and ask the familiar question, “What? What’d I say???” Her response is always just a head shake and a quiet, “I don’t know about you.” Rarely does her explanation seem to justify the laughter and I’m usually left a bit confused, but I’m pleased that she finds humor in such moments.

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xName TagsAs promised in an earlier Saturday Morning Ramble, we planned, schemed, and hosted our first ever Super Bowl Party this year. A mixture of longtime friends, friends from Saturday Night Trivia, and a small collection of “Who are the people in your neighborhood?” joined us, thirty-two in all. The youngest in the crowd is just about ready to celebrate her first birthday; the oldest was most likely me.

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Memory LaneI started blogging years ago. I was single at the time and it’s quite possible that blogging was a substitute for conversation. Perhaps that shaped my writing style a bit. My wife says that I always write as if I’m talking with someone. To me, my writing sounds more like the ramblings of a nervous soul in a confessional booth, although I’m not Catholic and have never, at any point in my life, even sat in one.

Maybe I’m trying to figure out how to properly tell a story. Maybe I’m simply trying to get something off my chest. In either case, I’ve always written in this narrative fashion, as if someone was actually listening, although I keep the comments closed and don’t even know how to check my website analytics. I haven’t a clue who, or how many, may read a particular post, nor do I guess that it much matters. This confessional booth is purely for my own off-putting. Were the priest to fall asleep, his dreams might take him to better places anyway.

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