10 Things I Believe About God & The Bible - UPDATED

I believe that if God created the heaven and the earth
and established all things that exist in both,
that those things were established in six days;
six literal 24 hour days.
And, he didn’t do it  billions or even millions of years ago.


Perhaps one of the most mysterious verses in the entire Bible (let alone the Genesis account of origin) is Genesis 1, verse 4. Heaven, Earth, and Time are created in verse one and we are introduced to existence of darkness and water in verse two. Then, in verse three, light comes into existence.

That’s a whole lotta stuff in three short verses. The creator was on quite the roll.

Okay, experiment time. Walk down the hall at night to the darkest room you can find. Step into the room and turn on the light. Now, take a solid object of some kind about the size of a sheet of notebook paper or larger and place it against one side of the light source. Take a minute to observe what happens to the darkness with the object in place and without. This is how we perceive light and darkness, but it is not how they actually interact.

In verse four, we are told that God purposefully DIVIDED the light from the darkness. This is not a result of the sun being shaded from one side of the globe while illuminating the other. Light is not given a definitive place to reside until. . . DAY FOUR (v.14). Surprise!

Details aren’t given, but it’s absolutely mind-blowing. The light is called “day,” the darkness is called “night,” and restrictive limitations on each are put into place so that both can exist independently of the other.

Where does light end and darkness begin? Verse four tells us that they were explicitly separated and given boundaries. This is fascinating question to explore, if you’re willing to open up your mind to the possibilities.

The end of verse four says, “And the evening and the morning were the first day.” The word used for evening is a term we would use for sunset (absence of illumination). The word used for morning implies sunrise (illumination is reestablished).

A full revolution of the earth is described, which would seem to be an indication in the record that the intended reference is to the passing of a single day, not a multitude of years which could be equated with an age or era. We currently define a single day as a 24 hour period of time.

If God created things, it would seem appropriate that all things were created with age and did not need time to mature from adolescence to adulthood. Believe in Creation or Evolution of the Species, but don’t try to combine the two.

Evolution certainly has no need for Creation and Creation is trivialized when attempting to make room for the Evolution of new species.