WriterIcon2012For over 7 years, Mark has hosted motivational seminars and networking luncheons. Over that time Mark also posted a weekly Monday Morning Motivational blog entry. One section of the blog played home to as series of posts entitled, 10 Things I Believe.

In 2013, Mark began to expand upon each of those belief statements. One of the statements arrested his attention in late October and he began work on his first book. The statement was #4 from 10 Things I Believe about God & The Bible –

“I believe that if there was a flood, and Noah built an ark,
that it was a World-Wide Flood. Otherwise,
God would have just told Noah to pack a few things
and move south for a year or so.”

Was there a worldwide flood? Continued research led to continued writing. Finally, a complete volume was beginning to take shape and by mid-November, Chapter 2 was beginning to come together.

Big Idea

End The Beginning is finally in print (released January 9, 2015) and work has begun on book number two. Mark is also committed to compositing some of his favorite blog entries into short motivational books and releasing them during 2015 and 2016.

Personalized editions of the books will be available for purchase through this website as each is released. The books can also be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Books-A-Million. They are also available for special order anywhere books are sold.