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What if I told you that the world you know today
isn’t the world that used to exist?

Cross referencing historical texts from a number of ancient civilizations with modern day scientific theory, END THE BEGINNING pieces together the backstory of life before Noah’s Flood and seeks answers to the question of why the entire world and all of its inhabitants were destroyed.

After connecting puzzle piece after puzzle piece in an effort to project what series of events may have triggered the devastation, the book then questions how the events of Earth’s past paint a portrait of mankind’s future.


Product Details: ISBN-13: 9780990969501 Publication Date: 1/5/2015. Pages: 436. Publisher: Splinter in the Mind’s Eye. Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.97(d)

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Following a guest appearance on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory (Feb. 5th), sales of the book have really taken off through the various online retailers. Amazon had it ranked #1, #2, and #3 in three separate categories, earning a “Best Seller” rating.


Emails from Coast To Coast listeners continue to pour in regarding the 2 hour segment, which can be heard in its entirety through the Coast To Coast AM website.

“End The Beginning… Amazing work!”

                                                      – George Noory, Coast To Coast AM

Reader reviews via Amazon, FB & Twitter:

“This book is a great blend of humor, research and practicality.
It’s a “highlighter book” so when you order this,
order a package of highlighters to go with it!”

                                               – F. Amicus (Amazon Review)

“Loved it, a thinking mans book!”

                                        – Gary R. (Amazon Review)

“This is a MUST OWN!”

                                               – Chad Riley
                                      Truth Seekers Research (FB Group)

“This book was absolutely fascinating!
I haven’t enjoyed a non-fiction book like this in quite some time.
You start to wonder where he’s going with the crazy amount of detail,
but it does lead to a well thought-out conclusion that blew me away.”

                                            – Chuck (Amazon Review)

“Wow! Everyone should read this book!”

                                               – Tyler T. (Amazon Review)

“The amount of research is phenomenal…
love how it merges all the various historical documents
pointing to this epic event …”

                                                    – Kim F. (via FB)

“Great book, I enjoyed reading it, any more?”

                                            – Robert H. (Amazon Review)

“Mark’s book is enlightening, well researched and
written so the common layperson can understand.
I was so impressed that I gifted a copy to my pastor
for his 14th anniversary at my church.
I look forward to more from this author.”

                                        – Maggie (Amazon Review)

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