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What if I told you that you had no shot
at ever being ordinary?

What if I could prove it to you? 

Life’s proverbial pathway is primarily traversed using one of two methods: react and respond or identify and pursue. One is defensive; the other purposeful. When in defense mode, we are caught up in everything that life throws our way. We fight to keep our head above water and steer our ship into the wind. Inside we know that, given the choice, this isn’t the life we would choose. This, whatever form it may take from day to day, must be what life has chosen for us.

Given the choice, we’d prefer to be on that identify and pursue path. That road seems smooth. That road sounds like it’s paved and well lit. That road is both challenging and exciting. Given the choice… that’s the choice we’d make. So, why not make that choice?

PUSH is designed to help each reader find their own personal pathway of identity and, having found it, pursue their dreams in a methodical, attainable fashion that leads to achievement. Broken into a handful of easy-to-read essays, PUSH mixes humor, common sense, and thought-provoking insight in an effort to give each reader the opportunity to see for themselves why they have absolutely no shot at ever being ordinary.

You’ve been pushed; we all have. The only question is whether you’ll just continue to roll with the punches or push back.

Product Details: ISBN-13: 9780990969525 Publication Date: 4/15/2017. Pages: 138. Publisher: Splinter in the Mind’s Eye. Product dimensions: 5.5(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.32(d)

Family Read

What They’re Saying…

“Mark’s Saturday Morning Ramblings sneak up
and grab you by the heart and the funny bone.
I have a feeling PUSH is full of heart and soul
with the motivational power to PUSH us
to achieve our personal best.”

                                    MJ LaBeff, Author of Mind Games

“Every lucky person has a social media friend
who makes you want to click that icon.
Sometimes they post inspirational thoughts,
or simply provide a much needed laugh over coffee
and you think, ‘That should be in a book.’
Mark is one of those friends for me.
I was thrilled to hear he was writing,
and I’m beyond excited now because PUSH
looks fantastic! I can’t wait to read this one!”

                                          – Gary S. Pritchett, Author of The Fallen Files

“I thoroughly enjoyed Push.
It was humorous, well written, and inspiring.”

                                             – Rachel, Amazon Review

I really enjoyed this book. It was short, entertaining, and simple.
Throughout the book I was chuckling, & finding myself saying
“Huh… that’s so simple, why didn’t I notice that before?”

                                    – Will Trimm, Amazon Review

“Food for thought and more!
A very entertaining reminder about how
special and unique we all are and
how important it is to embrace life.”

                                              – Kim, Amazon Review

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Why this book was published on April 15th –

You’ll see the significance of April 15th in the image below. Considered one of the brightest, most curious, and most driven minds to have ever lived, is there anything that da Vinci thought to do that he didn’t explore? It would be hard to imagine. I quote from him often, including a couple of times in PUSH, and have always been inspired by his apparent zest for discovering life.

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