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It's One Heck of a Fish Story


“Life is what happens
while you are busy
making other plans.”

– John Lennon

The disembodied female voice instructs, “Drive one quarter mile and turn left.” The blinker begins to click rhythmically as we look for an opportunity to ease into the left lane. Settling into the left-hand turning lane at the intersection we hear the emotionless female voice repeat, “Turn left.” Our intentions are confirmed as the proper course of action.

The light changes and we make the turn. “Recalculating. . . please make a U-Turn.”

Huh? What?!? “Nooooo! Stop it!” We scream at the emotionless, disembodied voice, but no argument is forthcoming. Instead we are instructed to, “Please make a U-Turn.” How well do you hold it together when everything seems to be falling apart?

* * * * *

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“Before I refuse to take

your questions,

I have an opening statement.”

– Ronald Reagan

 It’s been defined as the substance and the evidence. The implication of substance ties it steadfastly to that which is real and tangible. It exists not in the mere conjure of fantasy, not in the imagination of invisible, not in hopes, wishes or dreams; but in touchable, physical, substantial and material renderings that can be seen, observed and studied. It naturally manifests itself in the real world.

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Killing Giants Pulling Thorns

“The components of anxiety, stress, fear, and anger do not exist independently of you in the world. They simply do not exist in the physical world, even though
we talk about them as if they do.”

– Wayne Dyer

Safety rides in the crowd. Strength flows in numbers. But when all is stripped away, we are who we are at our core when we are alone. It is in these times, these cycling vacuums of solitude that we are subjected to the raw side of life. It is in these moments that we fall prey to the thundering voices of GIANTS and the relentless persistence of THORNS.



I’m fascinated by crossword puzzles, but rarely even attempt to solve one. How’s that for placing a topic of discussion in the center of the table, then boldly backing away?

I’m also fascinated by a starry night, but can only identify a handful of constellations. I watched more curling during the recent Olympics than any other sport, but have no desire to order “stones” through Amazon and plan a group outing to a nearby, indoor ice rink. And, I really enjoy fishing, but hardly ever get to go.

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I blame it all on my childhood and my first baseball experience at the tender age of six. Something catastrophic happened that spring that left an eternal scar deep within my being. Back then, we played a lot of sandlot ball at the neighborhood park and Little League had not yet discovered Tee Ball. This was back when six and seven year old kids could play more than three innings of hardball and the score would never approach the eighties.

We faced live pitching from another kid our age. And, in our league, there lived a Fire-Baller who had a rocket of an arm which enabled him to reach the plate without a bounce and with only a minimal hint of an arch on his pitches. He must have blistered the mitt at 40 mph on a consistent basis. Most of us feared this miserable wretch and unfortunately he was the only pitcher we ever saw. Well, almost. . . Let me explain.

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