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Goin Fishin

“Sometimes you can just hop
in the back of someone’s cab
and tell them what they’re
supposed to do. Other times,
you have to let them look out
at the ocean for a while.”

       – Jacob (LOST S6 / The Lighthouse)

Life doesn’t always flow at the same pace. If it did, I’m sure we’d all miss the ups, downs and sharp last minute curves. It’s the surprises that keep us on our toes. Likewise, it’s the redactions in our own personal storyline and the blank pages of our narrative that keep us searching for answers.

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“. . . I guess I lost my way.
There were oh so many roads.
I was living to run
and running to live,

Never worried about paying
or even how much I owed”

                        – Bob Seger

The cold wind blew in overnight. The start of the week was laced with a taste of winter, but now it has given way to mild temperatures once again. On Sunday I had enjoyed a leisurely walk along the beach in shirt sleeves. Monday morning greeted me with weather three floors down from brisk. Frost blanketed the windshield of my Trailblazer.

The change was so drastic that many of my Facebook connections were posting WTF comments throughout the day.

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“Time rules over us without mercy, not caring if we’re healthy or ill, hungry or drunk, Russian, American, or Beings from Mars. It’s like a fire. It can destroy us or it can keep us warm.  That’s why every FedEx office has a clock, because we live or die by the clock. We never turn our backs on it. And, we never, ever allow ourselves the SIN of LOSING TRACK OF TIME!”

– Chuck Nolan (Tom Hanks / Cast Away)


More than any other aspect of life, time is the one thing that we have in common. We all possess it in equal amounts and have equal opportunity to manage that which we have. We can do nothing to lose it. Likewise, we are powerless to acquire more of it.

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