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The site follows a rather simple layout:

  • There is a BLOG, which is updated three times each week.
  • There is a series of PAGES, which are designed to detail Things I Believe.
  • And, there is the background BIOGRAPHY for writer and speaker, Mark Combs.


This area is broken down into five categories. Each is designed to provide a home for a collection of writings that are closely related to each other with regard to underlying theme. New material is posted each Monday morning. Previously published blogs are posted on “Way Back When’s Day” and Quote Collections are posted each Saturday. The five categories breakdown this way:


This grouping is designed to take a step away from the forest for the purpose of inspecting the trees. It’s a natural tendency to make simple things more complex. Back to Basics is an attempt to better understand our complex world in light of simplistic lessons.


Emotions drive our outlook and approach in every step of life. We talk about our emotions as if they are tangible things, but in reality they do not exist independently on their own. They simply do not exist outside of the life which we provide.

Understanding our feelings can help us bring balance back to the wild swings of the emotional pendulum. We can learn some of life’s most valued lessons simply by being tuned into these moments as we are living through them.


This set of writings is designed to help us look inside as we look ahead. There are two key elements involved in getting somewhere. You must know exactly where you are and you must know exactly where you want to be. Overlook either of these components and you are reduced to uneventful wandering. If you want to identify where you are and put in place a logical plan to arrive at your chosen destination, you can – through Evaluation & Inspiration.


Religious arguments of divinity aside, Jesus was perhaps the greatest teacher to ever address a listening ear. Much of his message was illustrated with parables and the same format is followed in this section. Commonly and, in some cases, not-so-commonly known stories from history fact and history fiction provide a backdrop for the learning experience. It’s an adventure in storytelling with a measure of What’s this got to do with me? attached.


Sometimes it’s who said it. Sometimes it how it was said or even, under what circumstances it was uttered. In any case, the words stick and having stuck, they become indispensible thought-provoking tidbits. At a loss for words of our own, we turn to quotes.

Each Saturday I post one of my favorite quotes along with a number of those submitted by those who follow me on Facebook. Twice each year I post a collection of twenty-five quotes called Couldn’t Have Said It Better.


This section of the website used to be a part of the blog, but it has expanded. Now, it’s comprised of a series of pages that can be accessed from the black navigation bar that runs across the top portion of each web page.

Each of the five pages has a listing of Ten Statements of Belief and many of the statements now have links to an additional page where that particular statement is written about in greater detail.

How important is what we believe? It’s extremely important, as it sets the tone for the decisions we make and how we respond to the things that happen to us. As such, what we believe deserves more than passing consideration.

What do you believe? I challenge you to think it through, then write it out in short statements, and then spend some time contemplating each of your statements. Oh, it’s work. If you’re honest with yourself, it’s hard work. But, it’s not without great reward.


This section can be found under the Meet Mark header in the black navigation bar. That link will take you Behind The Curtain to a short biographical background and profile. The How It All Started page gives some insight as to the underlying premise that trends throughout the motivational blog entries.

You’re currently viewing the Get There From Here page which was designed as an introductory site map.


Thank you for visiting Splinter In The Mind’s Eye. I hope you will find something worth sharing with others you know and I look forward to your feedback. I invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.