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Yesterday, November 8th, was National Dunce Day. I put it in my calendar of reminders sometime back; I don’t remember exactly when, nor do I remember the reasoning behind the annual reminder. I don’t celebrate it and I’ve never researched it, until this morning.

Although it actually is listed in the Holiday Insights database of recognized special days, having been added in November 2007, the term isn’t a modern term and isn’t commonly used in our day and time.

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The M&M Principle



As I poured my second cup of coffee this morning and waited for the microwave to put the finishing touches on the increase of temperature, both of the ceramic mug and the treasured brew that it held, I stood next to the kitchen door that opens onto the back porch.

I’ve often wondered about that door. Its center portion is made of tempered glass panes that provide a viewing portal stretching nearly full length top to bottom, as well as, spanning full width side to side. It’s often the last thing I remember seeing as I turn out the lights and head to bed. As stated, it opens to our back porch, which in turn, serves as the launching pad into the unfenced and heavily wooded backyard.

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I don’t know how these things happen… That sounds like a good place for a confession to start, right? If ever I could pull off a portrayal of innocence with the help of the written word, I think I’d have to anchor around that opening phrase. In this case, however, I’m being completely transparent. I honestly don’t know how these things happen.

Last night, while sitting around the table, enjoying dinner at my wife’s company Christmas Party (with her boss sitting directly across from us, mind you), someone to our left, a wonderfully charming female business associate of my wife’s circle of connections, commented about the table centerpiece.

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My coffee pot showed up at the front door yesterday, which was a surprise on some levels, but a welcomed one on some others. Let me explain…

As we were collectively breaking ground on November, my coffee pot, a fancy KRUPS EC-311 model that I’d gotten on sale through Amazon, encountered an issue that I place firmly in the realm of time-lapse phenomena: it shut down prematurely. It would go through the initial cycle of brewing coffee, but either get bored with the same old challenge or just out and out lose interest in the process somewhere along the way. Let the record show, I’ve never lost interest in the end result that is produced when the magical coarse black powder is soaked in steaming hot water and the overflow is allowed to drip methodically into a glass container specifically designed for collection of the juices.

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“For years, kids have been asking me what’s the greatest superpower. I always say luck. If you’re lucky, everything works. I’ve been lucky.” 

                                       – Stanley Martin Lieber

America celebrated Veterans’ Day this past week and, along the way, America lost a pair of veterans that won’t be remembered for wearing camo or earning any medals for their service on the battlefield.

Shortly after lunch on Monday, I noticed a hashtag trending on twitter. Immediately, I snapped a screenshot of the image and sent it to my wife, Kathy – #RIPStanLee