question #4 was:

How do you cross the river that is home to the Crocodiles?

How do you cross the river?


The Correct Answer is. . .

– jump in the water and swim casually to the other side –

All of the Crocodiles are currently attending the Lion King’s Animal Conference. You know this because you’ve been paying careful attention to the events of the day.

You HAVE been paying attention, haven’t you? 

This question tests:

your ability to weave upcoming challenges
into your previously established schedule,
while taking into account how the variety of things
that have been going on around you
as your day unfolds have impacted your options.

Most things in life ARE simple:

Even those things that generate a “ripple effect” usually have simple resolutions, but we have a natural tendency to over think the obvious and complicate the basic.

From time to time it’s helpful to take a step back from meticulous evaluation and realize that if there is a simple answer to the question, quite often it is also the BEST answer to the question.

The well-beaten path is worn for a reason and it’s not always bad. Sometimes it’s because it truly is the shortest distance between two points and already leads to the best “mouse trap” available.
Side Note: It has been rumored that 90% of business professionals taking this quiz missed every question. On the other hand, 90% of all preschoolers faced with the same quiz answered 3 out of 4 questions correctly; thus sufficiently disproving the prevailing thought that most business professionals have the brains of a 4 year old.


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