Deception DetectionTopics covered in this interview include:

This is the second time that Kay Carswell invited Mark to join her on her program, Deception Detection. Chad Riley joined the conversation as a co-host for this interview. Topics covered in this interview include:

 – An update on the time cycles that are listed in the book of a mysterious planetary object that seems to interact with the inner solar system on a regular cycle of about 360 years. Some refer to this object as Nibiru or Planet X.

 – Kay asked a question about the discoveries of Wholly Mammoths that have been found with fresh, undigested food in their stomach. What would it take? How is this possible?

 – Chad brought up the topic of the Day of Atonement sacrifice ritual that was practiced by the Jews. Did the sacrificial system start with Moses or could the origins possibly date back to a time before the flood?

 – What happened as a result of the fall of Adam and the assertion that “Ye shall surely die” in the garden? Was there an immediate death? What happened when Adam and Eve were separated from God’s presence as a result of the fall? What does it mean to be “cut off” and how is it commemorated by the sacrificial system?

 – What about clean versus unclean animals? What separates them and how did Noah know which was which?

 – What about the earth itself? Has it always resembled the planet that we live on today or could it have been a very different planet prior to the flood? What about Continental Drift and Pangaea?

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