You’re being watched…

You may not realize it, and the person watching you may never clue you in, but you’re being watched. It happens each day in the most undetectable way. Somewhere, someone is watching.

As we work our way through each day, there are moments when we may feel as if we disappear into the background and get lost in the shuffle as humanity passes by. There may be times when we even relish those moments, when we look for the opportunity to slide between the cracks and step into our easy-to-overlook, Plain Jane mode. I would contend that even in those times, somewhere, someone is watching.

You touch more lives and topple more dominoes than you could ever imagine. For someone, you are the light in their darkness or the example to which they aspire. Completely disconnecting from the society in which we live is impossible. Even in death, our lives continue to touch others, both in the moment and as time slowly passes.

Don’t Forget Your Cape doesn’t dance off into the fancy world of who each person can be. I’ve always left the “think your way to wonderful” philosophy to other writers. It just doesn’t suit me and I’d bet that it doesn’t really suit you either. I’d rather be a part of a face-to-face journey that cuts through the fog and connects me with who I am. That’s where real value can be found and that’s where this journey takes the reader.

Building on the story-telling style that made PUSH such a popular read, Don’t Forget Your Cape mixes personal stories with pop-culture headlines and historical events to open a window into thought that brings each reader face-to-face with their own self-worth and potential.

Product Details: ISBN-13: 9780990969549 Publication Date: 7/15/2017. Pages: 138. Publisher: Splinter in the Mind’s Eye. Product dimensions: 5.5(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.32(d)

What They’re Saying…

“PUSH was a short, enjoyable read that packed
an energizing punch of inspiration into its 135 pages.
I can’t wait to read the next book in this series,
Don’t Forget Your Cape.”

                             – MJ LaBeff, Author of Mind Games

“PUSH was a great read that helped me
examine my daily approach and
face the world with a different attitude.
I’m looking forward to Mark’s next book
with great anticipation. #CAPE “

                                          – Gary S. Pritchett, Author of The Fallen Files

“Everybody needs a jolt of motivation
and PUSH gives that in a quick read.
I’m looking forward to being reminded to grab my cape
in the next book Don’t Forget Your Cape.”

                                          – Will Trimm

Why this book was published on July 15th – 

In the image below, you’ll see that The Rosetta Stone was discovered on July 15, 1799. The stone not only became the key to translating language, but also unlocked history in a unique way that opened a doorway to history unlike anything discovered before or since. There is no possibility of overstating the value of this discovery. It was a monumental day in human history.

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