Question #7 – In which inning did Boisclair pinch hit?

Answer – Following the logic of pinch hit for the pitcher and work a double switch, you can see that Boisclair pinch hit for Siebert, who had relieved Zachry in the 6th. Siebert closed out the inning. Boisclair pinch hit in the 7th for the pitcher’s spot; Seibert was out of the game. Maddox hit in the 7th inning, but came out of the game when Murray became the new Pitcher; Murray was subsequently inserted into Maddox’s place in the order because Maddox made the last out of the 7th inning (Boisclair, Randle, and Maddox went down in order). Boisclair took over for Maddox in RF and had a 2nd AB in the 9th, just prior to Kranepool’s pinch hit for Kobel, which ended the 9th inning.

Question #8 – Who scored the first run in the Pirates’ 10th? – LINK