Profile PicMysterious noises in the dark, religious symbols & pictures askew on the wall, electronics malfunctioning randomly, recurring nightmares, persistent sickness, a sense of heaviness, children seeing shadow people in corners, closets or at the foot of the bed, even suicidal thoughts. Many people experience these types of things in their homes, all of these things and more can be signs of something supernatural. In this episode, Doug Overmyer, the author of Peace in Your House talks about all this and more.

Episode Synopsis: As the father of a young child that was seeing and experiencing things that he just couldn’t see, Doug and his wife, Amy, began searching for a way to both understand what was going on and properly respond to it. Amy, a mental health professional, explored the “rational” psychological side. Doug researched spiritual connections. Amy found their daughter to be mentally sound. Doug found their daughter to be one of many… a growing number of seers.

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