10 Things I Believe About Love & Kindness - UPDATED

I believe that love is unconditional or it’s not love.

This set of beliefs was perhaps the most difficult of the five to write because two things were constantly in play: Many of the individual statements overlap one or more of the other statements in some way. And, it was really difficult to take emotion out of the thought process and think through to the core belief in a clear, unbiased perspective.

Love is one of the stronger emotions that weaves its way into the fabric of life. It is experienced in a variety of ways, with a number of coinciding elements in play. It’s also very difficult to separate from a specific context. It can be looked at in terms of loving or in terms of being loved.

To write about it with emotional tones, whether they are personally felt for another or fabricated in fictional expression is quite easy. Attempting to step back and take a look at love from a position that allows for critical thought . . . well, trying to pick up a raw egg with tweezers might have been less challenging.

The assertion here is that love is Unconditional, or it’s not love. This sounds pretty basic, but it’s actually deeply perplexing. The moment we begin to outline the reasons we fell in love or have maintained love for another, we speak in terms of conditions. I believe we do this because we think of love as feelings and emotions, when love is actually a purposeful or involuntary action.

We work our way through life each day with a series of continual actions. We make decisions, do things on purpose and react to things that caught us off guard. We do what we do after our subconscious filters have analyzed the information and situation to the point of laying down the guide stones for an acceptable response on our part.

Then, there are situations wherein those same actions and responses on our part are stretched beyond anything we can reasonably explain. Thereby, they are actions of love and we participate without filters in place. We act without condition.