In September of 2016, I was honored to be invited to join George Noory for an episode of Beyond Belief. Tom Danheiser (pictured below) worked diligently to set this up and along with Elly Michaels of Gaia (also pictured below) they made it happen.

The episode was recorded in the Gaia Studios, just outside of Boulder, Colorado, and is available for viewing through their Web-TV Network. The YouTube inset below offers a program highlight where we are discussing Noah’s challenging task of preserving the entire animal kingdom.

As with any interview, we cover a great deal of information in a very short span of time. George Noory is a master of his craft and so very skilled at keeping the conversation flowing, as opposed to letting it bog down on a single topic. I give both George and the folks at Gaia very high marks for the final production video. They did an outstanding job.


That being said, I am sometimes asked to explain certain segments of interviews in greater detail. And, I am at times taken to task regarding certain comments that I have made during interviews. I encourage you to watch the entire video for yourself. If, after viewing the video, you feel the desire to question anything that you see presented, reach out to me and ask. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Gaia is a subscription based service, but a 30 Day Trial of their network of programming is available for only 99 cents. A 30 Day Trial Subscription provides the viewer access to any and all programming produced by Gaia.

Click Here to view another preview trailer, as well as the full episode, from the Gaia site.

Also, if you would like to dig into certain topics (such as Noah’s collection of animals) a little deeper, please look for a collection of blog posts on my page called Q&A about End The Beginning. You’ll find more detailed answers to questions that I am frequently asked, including the question “How did Noah preserve 10’s of 1000’s of animals 2 by 2?”

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