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This mug has a mirror image on both sides of the mug.

The Splinter in the Mind’s Eye logo is positioned opposite the handle at the bottom.


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Have you ever undertaken a task, a challenge, an opportunity that just consumed you? So strong was the adrenaline at the prospect of what would unfold in the days ahead that your sleep was restless and you no longer had any need for the morning alarm. Those are the dreams that inspire us, that move us from the foot of the mountain to the vision of what awaits at the summit.

Not only have I been swept up in those emotionally charged dreams, I’ve known a few people that have equally be swept away by dreams of their own. The inner, driving force didn’t need the affirmation of others or a support team. That someone else couldn’t catch the vision mattered not at all to the visionary. The dreams was deeply embedded and the desire to climb that mountain, regardless the peril, burned white hot. It’s at this point that laughter begins to sound like encouragement. So tell me, are you a dreamer?

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