Over the last decade, I’ve moderated hundreds of business luncheons and hosted more than a few seminars. I’ve been invited to speak to business leaders, political leaders, sales people, and teachers. I’ve addressed groups that numbered into the 100’s and enjoyed quality time with crowds as small as 3, but I’ve yet to kiss a giraffe square on the beak.

Each presentation is tailored to the specific audience, thus it takes on a memorable life of its own. Whereas kissing a giraffe might be a transcendent thrill in the moment, looking into the mirror and seeing something you’ve always overlooked can be transforming.

My current presentation series is built from the text of my newly released motivational book, PUSH. Each attendee gets a personalized copy of the book and the insight as to how they can best simplify their personal and professional life for the purpose of maximizing their daily results in both arenas.

All presentations are compact and interactive. I don’t like sitting in silence and listening to a speaker ramble on and on for 45 minutes to an hour (or sometimes more), telling forgettable stories that are meant to inspire, but usually leave me looking at my watch. I have been in that situation more times than I care to remember, and for that very reason, I refuse to subject anyone else to a similar experience. I make every effort to cordially involve my audience and give them the opportunity to walk away with a piece of foundation upon which they can build a better future.

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Archived Video from an Amelia Business Network Luncheon