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Archaeology has been defined as the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture; that is, the examination and interpretation of material evidence left behind by a culture that is no longer available to define for itself the design, meaning, function, and historical significance of its architecture, artifacts, or fragmental physical residue.

Every man-made element that is recovered when the soil around it is displaced is, in its most basic essence, out of place. It was not originally a part of the undisturbed landscape. It had both a maker and a purpose for being made. It has a story to tell…

Had I known then what I know now, I might have more actively pursued a life in archaeology. I’m incredibly fascinated by this stuff! Dr. Aaron Judkins is known as The Maverick Archaeologist. He’s an author, a highly sought after speaker, and a maker of documentaries and he’s set aside some time for us today.

I hope you enjoy this interview. Comments and Questions are welcome.

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Books Highlighted in the Program:

Finding Noah DVD
w/ Aaron Judkins
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Alien Agenda
by Dr. Aaron Judkins
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Fossil Human Footprints
by Dr. Aaron Judkins
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