Brad Nickell Profile PicAfter growing up in Denver, Bradley Nickell spent 25 years of his professional career as a detective in Las Vegas. During that time Detective Nickell began tracking the the prolific exploits of the man who would end up setting the bar for those who habitually find themselves at odds with those sworn to uphold the law and in this episode, he takes us on his journey to catch Sin City’s most brazen Repeat Offender.

Story Synopsis: Daimon Monroe looked like an average guy raising a family with his diffident schoolteacher girlfriend. But just below the surface, you’ll learn he was an accomplished thief with an uncontrollable lust for excess. His criminal mind had no bounds—he was capable of anything given the proper circumstances. Detective Bradley Nickell brings you the inside scoop on the investigation, arrest and conviction of the most prolific repeat offender Las Vegas has ever known.

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