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Many explore the question of how vastly different the pre-flood world was from the current post-flood world, but a more pertinent question might be the ways in which they are similar. The warning, “as it was in the days of Noah,” is an oft quoted meme paralleling the two worlds. Since the words originated with Christ himself, during a response to a question about the end of the world; it would seem fitting to not only ask how the two worlds are similar, but also to what extent.

In this episode, we explore this question, as well as the 2045 Initiative and The Flat Earth controversy, with our guest, Rob Skiba. I hope you enjoy this interview. Comments and Questions are welcome.

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Books Highlighted in the Program:

Babylon Rising
by Rob Skiba
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Archon Invasion
by Rob Skiba
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Sync’d ExtraBiblical Texts
by Rob Skiba
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