question #3 was:

The Lion King's Animal Conference

Which animal fails to show?


The Correct Answer is. . .

-the Elephant is unable to attend-

He sends his regrets. It seems that someone has locked him in a refrigerator. 

This question tests:

your ability to remember what you’ve done
and serves to remind you of how those actions
might impact other aspects of your day

Okay, even if the first three questions were a little more of a challenge than you first anticipated, at least you’ve got one last chance to demonstrate how you are able to adapt to your surroundings and move to the head of the class when your critical decision making and management skills are needed most.

final question –

There is a river that you must cross, but it is home to the crocodiles.
There is no bridge to the other side and you do not have a boat,
but you do have knowledge, wisdom and experience.
How do you cross the river?


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