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Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion states:

“To every action
there is an equal
and opposite reaction.”

Simply put, if “Body A.” exerts a force on “Body B,” the end result is that “Body B” simultaneously exerts a force of the same magnitude on “Body A.” Both objects generate force and the amount of force generated by each component is constantly equal.

Place the palm of your hand against a brick wall and push. The palm is compressed. It may not seem like it, but compression is evidence that the brick wall is pushing back. Don’t argue with me on this one, this is Newton’s Law and he’s got a pretty strong resume.

Plain and simple, FORCE is an interaction between a pair of objects and it’s as inseparably attached to you as your shadow on a sunny afternoon. Whether you realize it or not, your day consists of a continuous chain of unfolding events in which what you’re actually doing is engaged in a power struggle with what you’d rather be doing. The question is one of ratio.

Is the weight of the world resting on your shoulders or have you got your world on a string?

Coming April 2017, an inspirational book from
Mark DeWayne Combs

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Cover Icon for Facebook_WMYou’ve been pushed; we all have. The only question is why you’re so content to just recoil from the exterior pressure, regain your balance, and roll with the punches.

Life’s proverbial pathway is primarily traversed using one of two methods: react and respond or identify and pursue. One is defensive; the other purposeful. When in defense mode, we are caught up in everything that life throws our way. We fight to keep our head above water and steer our ship into the wind. Inside we know that this isn’t the life we would choose, given the choice. This, whatever form it may take from day to day, must be what life has chosen for us.

Given the choice, we’d prefer to be on that identify and pursue path. That road seems smooth. That road sounds like it’s paved and well lit. Given the choice… that’s the choice we’d make. So, why not make that choice?

PUSH is designed to help each reader find their own personal pathway of identity and, having found it, pursue their dreams in a methodical, attainable fashion that leads to achievement. Broken into a handful of easy-to-read essays, PUSH mixes humor, common sense, and thought-provoking insight in an effort to give each reader the opportunity to see for themselves why they have absolutely no shot at ever being ordinary.

Coming in April 2017