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Lego Bag2

Lots of things kinked my Chi’ this week and I’m not happy about that. I aspire to be an easy going, “Que sera, sera” kind of a spirit most of the time, but this week there was a definite wrinkle in The Force that just turned too many things sideways for my comfort. I even went off on an apparent verbal tirade in the middle of HUNTED on Thursday night. Yeah, I know… it airs on CBS on Wednesdays, but we watch everything via DVR, so it’s a Thursday night feature for us. Anyway, something I said led to something else I said, which generated a follow up comment from one of the other voices in my head that got added to the conversation.

Soon, my wife is laughing hysterically about I know not what (I never know if it’s with me or at me… that part is confusing). I look at her in disbelief and ask the familiar question, “What? What’d I say???” Her response is always just a head shake and a quiet, “I don’t know about you.” Rarely does her explanation seem to justify the laughter and I’m usually left a bit confused, but I’m pleased that she finds humor in such moments.

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xName TagsAs promised in an earlier Saturday Morning Ramble, we planned, schemed, and hosted our first ever Super Bowl Party this year. A mixture of longtime friends, friends from Saturday Night Trivia, and a small collection of “Who are the people in your neighborhood?” joined us, thirty-two in all. The youngest in the crowd is just about ready to celebrate her first birthday; the oldest was most likely me.

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Memory LaneI started blogging years ago. I was single at the time and it’s quite possible that blogging was a substitute for conversation. Perhaps that shaped my writing style a bit. My wife says that I always write as if I’m talking with someone. To me, my writing sounds more like the ramblings of a nervous soul in a confessional booth, although I’m not Catholic and have never, at any point in my life, even sat in one.

Maybe I’m trying to figure out how to properly tell a story. Maybe I’m simply trying to get something off my chest. In either case, I’ve always written in this narrative fashion, as if someone was actually listening, although I keep the comments closed and don’t even know how to check my website analytics. I haven’t a clue who, or how many, may read a particular post, nor do I guess that it much matters. This confessional booth is purely for my own off-putting. Were the priest to fall asleep, his dreams might take him to better places anyway.

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