50A little over ten years ago I penned and posted a journal entry that I titled, The Backside of Forty.” As you can probably figure out from the title, I was moving towards that island of shifting sand known as middle age. Sitting down to scribble out some random thoughts seemed fitting at the time. A lot of aspects of my life had changed and pausing to “get my bearings” felt like the right thing to do.


Every so often we all pass through one of those retrospective moments when we realize that we’ve reached another turning point in life’s road. For those in my age group, these moments may be accompanied by the sounds of a Steven Tyler vocal drifting past us on the wind as he sings, “the past is gone. . . it went by like dusk to dawn. . . isn’t that the way. . .


Stop. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Then, Dream On.



I’m currently on the backside of fifty and to no one’s big surprise; it has indeed gone by like dusk to dawn. I really thought it would be a while before I reopened this time capsule. But alas, the seal is broken and I found myself looking back with the hope that it would help me as I look ahead.


In the last few years I’ve enjoyed some wonderful experiences:

  • In 2007 I started my own business as an Aflac agent and I’ve seen the impact that Aflac makes in people’s lives. I just completed my 10th year and it’s been a good feeling.
  • With help from a number of key people, I watched as The Amelia Business Network grew into a thriving local networking group. Although ABN is no longer on my plate, I learned a great deal through the years that moved me from where I was to where I am. It was a thrill to work together with so many really good people.
  • I’ve written. I’ve actually written a lot. Writing on a consistent basis has produced a hard drive full of content and maybe a blog entry or two that ended up being worth the reading.
  • I’ve developed a deep loving bond with a wonderful woman; someone who makes me comfortable with who I am. We were married April 1st 2015 and closed on our “forever home” just a few weeks later. Life with her is very, very good.
  • And finally, I published my first book, End The Beginning, in January of 2015 and have been working to figure out the marketing world ever since. In just a few weeks, PUSH will be released, followed by DON’T FORGET YOUR CAPE in July. The sequel to End The Beginning has gotten pushed back, but for good reason. It will be released in late 2017 or early 2018, hopefully.


Sing with me. Sing for the years.

Sing for the laughter and sing for the tears.



Some of the notes tucked away inside that time capsule a decade ago have opened my eyes to a few very interesting discoveries – it seems that I could have written most of it just two weeks ago and it would still be quite relevant.

I’ve replaced my cell phone three times, I think, maybe four. There are different clothes hanging in the closet at this point. Well. . . there are a few new articles of clothing. There are some different pictures on the wall (okay, there were no pictures on my walls 10 yrs ago), there are now two couches in the living room and a 6 foot long aquarium. I’d say there’s different fridge in the kitchen, but it’s actually a different kitchen. That being said, the world looks very different… except for the fact that some things haven’t changed at all.

  • I’d still like to lose 20 pounds
  • I’d still like to save a little more and spend a little less
  • I still write everything in MS Word by scattering thoughts all over the page and filling in the blanks later
  • I still toast a bagel each morning, then I forget to eat it
  • I still dream outlandishly silly stuff while I sleep
  • I still tend to make decisions after a purposeful, measured period of consideration
  • And. . . I still feel that my best days are just around life’s next corner!


Dream on. Dream on. Dream on.

Dream until your dream comes true.

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