“. . . I guess I lost my way.
There were oh so many roads.
I was living to run
and running to live,

Never worried about paying
or even how much I owed”

                        – Bob Seger

The cold wind blew in overnight. The start of the week was laced with a taste of winter, but now it has given way to mild temperatures once again. On Sunday I had enjoyed a leisurely walk along the beach in shirt sleeves. Monday morning greeted me with weather three floors down from brisk. Frost blanketed the windshield of my Trailblazer.

The change was so drastic that many of my Facebook connections were posting WTF comments throughout the day.

Weather is given to hyper fluctuation at times. By contrast, life changes slowly. One day fades into the next. Colors blend smoothly, leaving little trace of where yellow seeped into blue and green began to emerge. We most often lose our way without realizing the way was lost.

* * * * * * 

Three steps down from the back deck, sits a goldfish pond. The two levels are joined together by a trickling waterfall, providing a peaceful place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. Goldfish are wonderful creatures in that they were designed with the ability to adapt to nearly any environment.

The goldfish are nearly always busy doing what goldfish do. In August, the weather is humid to the point of steamy and the water, having no real flow other than the recycling of the pump, gets surprisingly warm. Last Monday it was 26 degrees and the goldfish were still busy doing what goldfish do.

Okay, they were swimming and eating, which isn’t a major accomplishment by any stretch, until you consider that the climate around them is vastly different than it was just five short months ago.

The goldfish adapt without breaking stride, “rolling with the punches” so to speak. You have to admire their insane ability to adapt to the environment. Soak in the moment and queue “Tubthumping” if you so desire. . . I’m moving on, because there’s a flip-side to that coin.

The ability to acclimate can also be the pinnacle of self-deception. As Seger said, “I guess I lost my way.”

You’ve just stepped into week seven of 2012. Time for a check up on how things are going with those well laid plans and lofty aspirations that were set just six weeks ago. How’s the progress? Where are you? Does the determination and commitment still burn?

It’s normal for will power and enthusiasm to diminish slightly as the weeks roll slowly past. Gradually the sharp image of the original vision morphs in the same way yellow trickles into blue and a shade of green begins to form. We acclimate without realizing.

Take a couple minutes right now to reflect. Most likely, you’re going to find that some course correction is in order. Opportunity’s window is still open. Here’s some background music from Seger to set the tone, and here’s hoping that you can open windows and sing along –


“Well those drifter’s days are past me now.

I’ve got so much more to think about.

Deadlines and commitments; what to leave in, what to leave out

Against the wind, I’m still runnin’ against the wind.

Well I’m older now and still and still running Against The Wind.”

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