Interview-4th Watch

I was interviewed by The 4th Watch with Justen Faull on Wednesday afternoon, August 5th. We had a great time talking about a number of things that haven’t come up in any interview thus far, including some discussion on Planet X theories.

Justen interjects a lot of energy and personal information into the interview and does a great job of keeping the conversation flowing. There’s some additional Biblical perspective added along the way as the conversation drifts into a discussion of the explosion of knowledge and technology in our day and age.

In this episode Justen and author Mark DeWayne Combs investigatively discuss a plethora of prophetic topics. The adventure includes scientific studies of Noah’s Ark and prophecies of world destruction, conditions before the flood and giant plants and animals, Nephilim and technology advancements of the fallen angels, as well as some mind blowing discussion about Planet X. Join us tonight for these and much more! This is one broadcast you won’t want to miss!

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