Planet-X-Y-ZWhat concerns you about
the way Planet X or Nibiru
is presented today?

Any claim of the impending arrival of Planet X is a guaranteed internet attention grabber. It seems there’s a new claim, a new date, a new bit of hush-hush revelation from a new insider every week. The fact that a multitude of countdown dates have come and gone over the last few years without a single ripple of destruction has no apparent impact on those who repeatedly proclaim that doom and destruction is just a few weeks away.  No one holds them accountable for their nonsense; no one calls them on the carpet for their absurd content. Their sites and their prognostications are just as popular as ever. Personally, I doubt that many of their followers take them as anything more than ridiculous entertainment.

Yes, I said ridiculous and I’m being nice. It seems the more incredible the content the more popular the installment.  I’m concerned about this gradual slide into the entertainment genre however. Honestly, I don’t think many of these Chicken Littles have any conviction about the fallacious rubbish they’re spewing. Maybe one or two have gotten so caught up in it that they have started to believe their own narrative, but that would be the exception, not the rule. For the most part, it has nothing to do with news or revelation; it’s clickbait for the sake of the following, entertainment for the pleasure of those who subscribe.

That, my friends, is dangerous.

Think for a moment of the Old Testament prophets who faithfully delivered the message of God to the nation of Israel. This happened on two separate occasions, as the monarchy had split into two distinct kingdoms. In both cases, the ultimate demise of the nation was thorough.

The nations, once loyal to the one who had brought them out of the bondage of Egypt and into a land that he had promised to Abraham, began to gradually assimilate the worship of foreign deities along with their own worship of YHWH. This was something that Moses had warned about a number of times and it was a direct violation of the command, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” By the time the end came, they had become completely as other nations, pledging allegiance to a variety of deities.

Jeremiah had called for repentance and, as far as we can tell, his message fell on deaf ears; he had one convert, a man named Baruch (see Jer. 36). It was at this point of total apostasy that the prophets were given a new message. This message wasn’t a call to repentance, but rather an announcement of judgment, “Your doom is at hand and it is justified.” This was serious; the God who had produced this nation out of the seed of Abraham, led them out of Egypt, and established them in the promised land was now stepping away. Ezekiel 10 and 11 give us the astounding account of the Glory of God leaving Jerusalem. Pagan nations were free to come in, ravage the land and the people.

History tells us that the Assyrians did this to the northern kingdom in 722 BC and Babylon decimated the southern kingdom 120 years or so later (Ezekiel writes about this destruction). It was brutal. Think for a moment of wearing the sandals of the spokesperson who was given that message. It’s not speculation, hearsay, or fuzzy prognostication. It’s clear and distinct, direct from the throne of the Most High. There’s no joy here. There’s no prize for being right. There’s no excitement about being the first to break the news. You’re telling friends, family, those you know, that destruction awaits and there is no escape. The time for repentance has past. This is the judgment of the Almighty. This is heart-wrenching.

Now step, for a moment, into the shoes of Noah. His message is not for a specific few, but for the whole of earth’s population. His message affects the entirety of creation itself. We read this message in Genesis 6:13, “The end of all flesh has come before me.” Noah knows full well that the one making that statement not only has the power to bring it about, but also the resolve to do it. This is total, complete destruction. This is an extinction level event. Again, this is a most sobering message.

Contrast that with the tones spewing from those who would have you believe that Planet X will pop into view next week and the world will flip upside down. Is there anything in their voice, anything in their message that rings as sincere and somber? If they truly had insight of a soon-to-arrive destruction, do you think they would care that you subscribe to their YouTube channel? Do you think they would be attempting to book another talking head for next week’s show?

This is entertainment, but some take it to heart and it becomes destructive in their lives. Buying into the message, they attempt to convert friends and family to this out-of-nowhere assertion that finally someone at NASA has leaked the truth and an unavoidable collision with an asteroid is on next month’s horizon. Think of your children. What message are we writing on their hearts? There is no rhyme or reason. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow (or the day after that) we die. This is dangerous. It’s destructive and it’s wholly deceitful. Chicken Little is laughing all the way to the bank, while their duped followers continue to propagate their lies.

For those of you who have read my book, you know that I do have some thoughts on Planet X. You also know that I’m not an alarmist. I believe there are some things worthy of consideration, worthy of additional research. There are questions, that the existence of an additional planetary body answer quite nicely. Hopefully, you also know that I do not believe that the arrival of Planet X is anytime soon and I believe that the data supports that point of view.

Lastly, let me say that I do believe the Creator God will one day personally interact with His creation on a very direct level once again. I believe the terms of this interaction have been outlined in the Hebrew Bible. And, I believe that the Creator God will work according to those outlined terms.

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