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My blogs entries are a mixture of personal perspective, motivational observations and updates on previously published books. New content is posted twice each week. Sometimes I post more often and on rare occasions I don’t post anything for a given week. Even authors take a break from time to time.

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After releasing the motivational book PUSH in April of 2017, Mark began receiving more and more requests for speaking engagements. At this point, he is open to more extensive travel, provided the expenses are covered. For a more complete look at topics and presentations, click on the READ MORE button below. You will also get a complete breakdown of fees and see information as to how to schedule your event.

Mark enjoys speaking to all sizes of groups and works with the event coordinator to tailor each presentation to the audience. Let’s talk!


There are five parts to the "10 Things I Believe" series. Many years ago, I made an effort to identify and express ten things that I believed with regard to these five separate categories:

Each blog post was comprised of Ten Statements of Belief, and each statement is still worthy of contemplation & belief.


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    Don’t cha just hate it when a golden opportunity slips away? Maybe you should drop what you’re doing..

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