End The Beginning by Mark D. Combs


Things happen. Events transpire. Days come and go. At times, days drift past without meaning. Nothing really matters. But sometimes, we need to know, not just the what but the why. We need a magical, invisible thread to tie it all together – to give it meaning. This site seeks to weave such threads.

New blogs are posted on Mondays. Relevant archives are re-posted on Way Back When’s Day. And, a statement from the 10 Things I Believe series is featured each Friday. Follow Mark on social media and you'll get it Fresh From The Keyboard.


Splinter in the Mind's Eye is a publishing company that produces this ongoing blog site, as well as books that explore mysteries in greater detail. Mark's latest release, END THE BEGINNING, takes a look at the ancient world and the events that led up to the worldwide flood of Noah. Are these stories legend and myth or do they ring true and stand up to scrutiny? Click on BOOKS in the navigation bar for details.

Mark's blogs wrestle with events of daily living. We're not interested in headlines and news stories. We're evaluating mind-set, perspective and emotions.


There are five parts to the "10 Things I Believe" series. Many years ago, I made an effort to identify and express ten things that I believed with regard to these five separate categories:

Each blog post was comprised of Ten Statements of Belief, and each statement is still worthy of contemplation & belief.


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    Safety rides in the crowd. Strength flows in numbers. But when all is stripped away, we are who we are..

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