10 Things I Believe About God & The Bible - UPDATED


I believe that if there was a flood and Noah built an ark,
that it was a worldwide flood; otherwise, God would have just told Noah
to pack a few things and move south for a year or two.


Civilizations and cultures around the globe relate stories of a worldwide flood that occurred in ancient history. A fairly consistent scenario is played out: a small group of people and an extensive collection of animals survive a torrential deluge on a massive floating craft that was meticulously constructed specifically for the event.

Even though so many similar descriptions exist in cultures that appear to be otherwise separated, the tale is often dismissed as legend, myth or allegory without giving much consideration to the question as to whether or not these preserved accounts could possibly be based in historical fact somehow.

To gloss over the Biblical record and relegate it as a simple story suited for mainly for kids is to downplay the details that are provided and overlook the impact of such an event. If this story is factually based, there should be some evidence indicating its plausibility and it should be seen as perhaps the single greatest happening in world history.

To interject our own judgment, whether in support of belief or to dismiss as fictional, without giving unbiased consideration to the narrative as it is recorded would be presumptuous and short-sighted.

I invite you to look at the details as they are recorded with a critical eye, but open yourself up to the possibility. If it is indeed true, it can stand up to any scrutiny. If you’re not open-minded, then you’ll never discover any truth outside of your own predetermined opinion.

My singular belief is that if the flood that is described in the Bible actually happened, it was global and not local in scope. It was a cataclysmic Extinction Level Event and should not be thought of as anything less.

Furthermore, if such an event is to be seen as a judgment of God, then there must be a more profound reason for such a devastating judgment other than God being angry with “disobedient” people.

To really consider the plausibility of the Biblical narrative, I think it is fitting to ask and explore answers to some basic questions:

1. The ARK: How big of a structure is to be built? How long would it take to construct such a structure? Where would the building materials come from and how much would be needed?
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2. The GOD/MAN CONTEXT: How did Noah actually get involved? Why eight people and only eight? What animals were taken and where did they come from? How do you catch so many wild animals and keep them confined for so long?
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3. The FLOOD: Where did the water come from? How much water would it take? Where did the water go? How long before it was safe to live on land again?
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4. The SUSTAINABILITY FACTOR: Eight adults and a mating pair of each kind of animal are sequestered afloat for a year. How do you feed them?
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5. The MOTIVE: Was this a direct judgment of God? Why was mankind destroyed? Is it even possible to enrage an all-knowing, all-powerful deity?
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6. The PRESERVATION OBJECTIVE: If everything that was not on the ark was at risk of destruction, what key things would need to be preserved so that a thriving civilization could be re-established afterwards?
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7. The EVIDENCE: What type of evidence is left behind by a flood?
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If there was a worldwide flood, all of the above questions are reasonable to ask and logical answers should exist. If the flood happened, the events leading up to the incident and the post-flood fallout should be easy to sort out and comprehend.

We find it difficult to reconcile the perceived nature of a “loving, sovereign God” with judgment in general. Yet we casually point to him as being directly responsible for bringing catastrophic damage to his creation and eradicating every living thing that was not onboard that ark.

This is not a cheerful story that should be told to children with a smile and some pretty pictures. This is a horrific nightmare that is beyond anything that any Hollywood disaster movie has ever portrayed.

This is a sobering, stop-you-in-your-tracks story of monumental proportions. If it happened and if it was orchestrated by the same God who created everything in the first place, the prevailing question is WHY?

For the record, I believe that there was a worldwide flood and that reasonable answers can be found for each of the seven proposed questions.