There are five parts to this series. Many years ago, I made an effort to identify and express ten things that I believed with regard to five separate categories.

The categories were:

10 Things I Believe About God & The Bible

10 Things I Believe About Love & Kindness

10 Things I Believe About Possibilities

10 Things I Believe to be Undeniable

10 Things I Believe to be Under Appreciated


Each posting was comprised of Ten Statements of Belief written between 2009 & 2010. In late 2012, I began working my way back through each statement in an effort to add a little bit of detailed thought as to why each statement is still worthy of contemplation & belief. They were relocated among blog postings in September of 2015.

Each Thursday morning, I post detailed thoughts about a statement from one of the five categories. The new posting are featured on my Facebook page. Comments are always welcome.

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